Motor and Equipment Finance

Finance is available for:

  • Vehicles and Trucks
  • Bobcats, cherry pickers, scissor lifts and trailers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Plant (all industries)
  • Computer Hardware
  • Aircraft
  • Shop Fit Outs

Avenue Financials Vehicle Select

Vehicle Select provides a range of benefits to help save you time and money when buying a new car. 
Access competitive pricing on all makes and models through our comprehensive dealer network. 
Tell us the details of the car you’re after and your price range – then let us do the rest.

Tailored finance solutions can include:

  1. Finance Lease
    • The lender (lessor) purchases the equipment outright.
      The borrower (lessee) gets to use the equipment for the term of the lease in return for lease/rental payments. Under a finance lease the borrower (lessee) traditionally doesn’t need to outlay any working capital and may also be eligible to claim 100% of the lease/rental payment as a tax deduction.
  2. Novated Lease
    • A Novated Lease is a three-way agreement between
      an employee, their employer and a finance company. The word “Novation” refers to the substitution of a new contract in place of an old one. In other words, the employer agrees to take on the employee’s lease obligations. The employer makes the monthly lease payments out of the employee’s pre-tax income.
  3. Chattel Mortgage
    • The equipment belongs to you from the beginning
      and the lender has a ‘charge’ over the equipment that secures the loan until the final payment has been made. Because the borrower holds title to the goods, taxation benefits such as GST, depreciation and interest may be applicable. In some circumstances the borrower may be able to claim the GST back through their next Business Activity Statement (BAS).

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